The Future of Vodka

The Ultimate Flavoured Vodka, and just in time for Xmas…


Sputnik Vodka’s Global Brand Ambassador, Yuri Kalashnikov, will make a flying visit to Australia this Christmas – by Space Shuttle – to personally launch the new and exciting Hi-Carb, Full-Isotope, Onion-Flavored Vodka – Sputnik Cossack Maxi+ ™.

Mr. Kalashnikov will be visiting with his private football team and a collection of Eastern European typists and dictationistas. He will be available for interviews and photo-essays.

Sputnik Cossack Maxi+ ® will be released solely on-premise, at $98.17 RRP, and 110% proof.

Mr. Kalashnikov says he looks forward to “meeting of Australia women, for killing your wild white shark of water, and for to be eating much of your most fearsome bear – the koala monkey. This trip is pleasure, not business.”

CEO of London’s International Soft-Drink and Spirits Competition ©, Charles Rupert-Roberts, has described Sputnik Cossack Maxi+ ©as “the drink of the 21st Century”. Mr. Rupert-Roberts went on to say that “the Sack” (as Sputnik Cossack Maxi+ ™ has come to be known on the American College Mixology circuit) is “refreshing, demanding, easy, complex, versatile and uncompromisingly spontaneous. It is the essence of global liquor positioning.”

Sputnik Cossack Maxi+ ® and its secret, unique blend of carbohydrates, isotopes, and onion is set to bring the coming summer Down Under to life!!! Great on its own, it is also a perfect mixer, and stunning with food-matching, as an aperitif, or just on its own.

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